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Should A Crawl Space Be Insulated

Are you thinking of insulating your home? Well, winters are around the corner and no doubt that we all crave the warm house. In this scenario, the one thing that works best is the insulation. However, the phase that is difficult for completing the process is how to cut insulation. The insulation can be of different types like brats and fiberglass. They are used for the insulation of the homes, but the real confusion begins when you have to cut it. So, here in this article, we are going to help you step by step and ensure that you are going in the right direction and not causing any damages. 

Measure the insulation

The first step is to measure the insulation. Regardless of the type of insulation, you need to measure it before you start cutting it. 

Use plywood to measure it

Plywood can be used to measure the sheet. Choose the piece of plywood that is equal to the size of the fiberglass sheet (if you are using fiberglass). Then, set it on a solid and flat place. Or for smoother cutting, you can use the floor for it. Just avoid cutting the insulation on the bare areas as they might cause damages to both the floor and the tools you are using for cutting. 

Wear cut-resistant gloves

Protection is the first tool you need. Yes, that is why you need to wear cut-resistant gloves and any other gears for protection and safety. If still some of the skin is exposed, apply baby powder on it. It is essential because if skin comes in contact with the sheet, it can cause irritation to the skin at a severe level. So, avoid it all costs by covering yourself. 

Put on a dust mask

As we say that health should be the first priority. So, put on the dust mask too. You have allergy issues or not, it doesn’t matter, the breathing problem can trigger with the dust released from fiberglass. Also, wear the eye protection gear to keep your eyes safe from it. 

Use tape to measure the exact place for cutting the insulation

Furthermore, you must use the measuring tape to measure the sheet. You can find the tapes from the market or a shop that is selling tools and accessories. Measure it accurately as missing a single inch can become a problem. So, pay attention and measure the insulation carefully before you cut it. 

You can use a utility knife to cut 

There are different types of knives used for it. Mostly, a utility knife can do the job for you. So, you can have one and use the utility knife to cut it through the measurements you have taken before. 

Use shears for trimming

Now, it is time for the final touches. Yes, trim the sides to make the sheet equal from all the sides. You can use shears to trim it.

Final Thoughts 

So, does it seem easy to you? Well, if it is then you don’t need any insulation contractors for the job. However, if you want it to be done in a more professional way, you can always hire the expert for it. In both cases, you will need some safety measure if not for you, then for the contractor. So, follow the tips for it and be safe.