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Radiant Barrier Installation

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Radiant Barrier Installation

Most of the heat entering a home comes through the roof. Radiant barrier foil insulation installed in an attics can reduce attic temperatures by up to 30 degrees when stapled with a staple gun to the underside of roof rafters by REFLECTING up to 97% of the radiant heat that strikes its surface thereby reducing heat transfer from the attic to living spaces resulting in lower utility bills. This method also reduces the heat subject to attic mounted AC duct work thereby allowing them to work more efficiently.

Benefits of Radiant Barrier Insulation

Does your home lack the comfort during extremely hot or cold weather? Whether it’s the cold Chicagoland winter when you need to keep warm or the hot humid summer months in Illinois when you have to keep your house cool, we can help you maintain a comfortable and clean air environment while reducing your energy bills low.

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Benefits of installing radiant barrier insulation in your household or building include:

  • Reduced energy costs
  • More comfortable indoor temperatures
  • Improved HVAC system performance, end more

What Does Radiant Barrier Mean?

Radiant barriers are installed in homes and attics to prevent summer heat from penetrating the walls of your home, which can dramatically reduce cooling costs. Radiant barriers are made of highly reflective materials to deflect radiant heat.

What Does Radiant Barrier Mean?

Radiant barriers are installed in homes and attics to prevent summer heat from penetrating the walls of your home, which can dramatically reduce cooling costs. Radiant barriers are made of highly reflective materials to deflect radiant heat.

What Attic Insulation Services does Clean Air Doctors Provide?

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Frequently asked questions

What is the R-value of Radiant Barrier Insulation?

The R-value depends on the number and size of the airspaces surrounding the radiant barrier and the direction of the heat flow. Since the radiant barriers are typically installed on top of existing mass insulation, its R-value is a moot point. It is a radiant barrier’s capacity to reflect heat that makes it such an energy saver.

How Does Radiant Barrier Maintain Me Warmer in the Winter?

Like wrapping a baked potato in aluminum foil, it keeps a warm potato longer by holding the heat in, covering your attic insulation with radiant barrier holds heat in the household. Another analogy would be that the radiant barrier in the winter works like a space blanket, which, although very thin and lightweight, holds your body heat in. A thin space blanket can keep you warmer than many heavy blankets.

How Can it Keep Heat Out in the Summer if Radiant Barrier Retains Heat During The Winter?

Like a spacesuit, a radiant barrier reflects the sun’s heat before it can warm up the insulation in your attic. When the insulation stays cooler, your house will remain cooler. It helps in understanding how a radiant barrier will work for you if you think of other things that work similarly.

Won’t my roof get hotter when I have radiant barrier insulation in my attic?

That hasn’t been confirmed. Radiant barrier has been used broadly in the south, showing no difference in roof temperatures, as confirmed by field tests.

Do I have to take out my old insulation to put radiant barrier in?

No. Radiant barrier actually makes your present insulation more efficient.

Where do you install radiant barrier?

Radiant barrier can be laid over your present insulation the way a blanket or stapled under your rafters or crawl space. Owens Corning attic batts, rolls and loosefill insulation combine with the latest in air sealing, moisture management and sustainable building science to help you offer every customer Complete Energy Performance

What about foil-faced fiberglass? Isn’t it just as good as radiant barrier?

No. The foil on the fiberglass is in direct connection with the attic floor. Aluminum foil becomes more conductive when in contact with a solid surface. The air space facing the reflective surface is of vital importance.

I already have sufficient insulation in my attic. Do I need radiant barrier insulation?

Regardless of how much insulation you have in your attic, adding radiant barriers will save on your heating and cooling costs and keep you much more comfortable. Energy savings for heating and cooling can be as much as 17%, depending on various factors, such as climate, building configuration, materials used, site, family size, and lifestyle.